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   My definition of the word “Transformation” is a transition (change) of state and form through action. This change of state and form through action takes place from the inside out: first in the spirit, then in the soul (mind, feeling and and the body. Just as faith comes by hearing the Word of God, the state of consciousness for transformation comes through knowledge. I study to increase my knowledge to be able to put into practice, and at the same time, I take the opportunity to share the that I learned from other people. Maria Macedo Nagel


My name is Maria Macedo Nagel. I usually say that I am "On my way to Transformation".

This is a process that aims to achieve the health of the spirit, the soul, and the body, through well-defined actions, such as a more natural diet and a greater awareness of ourselves and our environment. This trajectory started in my life in January 2017 when my health was very shaken and precarious. I took 9 pills a day and weighed almost 100 kilos, and nothing I tried before worked to reverse this situation. Transformation Path is my way of sharing with people, my challenges and my experiences through lives.

I also created a support group on WhatsApp where I follow more closely people who, like me, seek to improve their health.

More and more people have joined the Transformation family, a group of friends helping each other along this path, which has transformed our lives and our families as well. Come join the Transformation Family too! Find Maria Macedo Nagel, on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

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